These are original pacific seaweed pressings mounted on a heavy watercolor background and available in a wide range of sizes and presentations.
8 by 10 Seaweed Pressings

    Giant Kelp Macrocystis integrifolia

    Pacific Rose  Rhodymenia

    Sea Comb Plocamium

    Red String Sarcodiotheca

    Bull Kelp Nereocystis


12 by 12 Seaweed Pressings

    12 by 12 Original Designs


16 by 20 Seaweed Pressings

   Giant Kelp Macrocystis integrifolia

   Bull Kelp Nereocystis


Original Paintings

"Fossil Designs"

Multiple Designs

    Seaweed Pressing Double

    Seaweed Pressing Trip-tic


Gyotaku Fish Prints

16 by 20 Designs

Large Original Designs Currently Available


New Designs for 2019 7 by 10 matted to 11 by 14 $ 85.00