Background of seaweed pressing:

Biologists press samples of seaweeds for herbariums; historically seaweed was pressed for identification by enthusiasts and botany hobbyists; and women in particular during the Victorian era pressed seaweed to use decoratively. These pressings have been preserved from as long as one hundred years and have been found at flea markets and in private collections.

Our Process

All seaweed prints and original seaweed pressings are created in-house by Coastal Prezence. We gather the raw materials, work out the designs, cut the matts, and do the packaging ourselves. This involved process begins with the gathering of appropriate seaweed species. Very little of the seaweeds we find washed upon the shore is actually of design quality; which makes it necessary for us to be constantly on the look out for suitable raw materials. Next, a heavy acid- free water color paper is stained and salted. Using fresh seaweeds, the designs are created on the prepared backgrounds and then placed between absorbent layers of paper. Pressure is applied for various periods of time. All wet absorbent layers are replaced every two days until the drying process in complete making this one of the more labor intensive steps (any laziness here quickly translates into a huge mess.) The designs when removed are then cleaned of any salt or dirt residue; then protected with sealants; and finally packaged for presentation.


Specific original pressings are chosen for their unique ability to translate from pressing to print All prints are made in-house and printed with archival ink & paper (giclees that last seventy years or more if kept out of direct sunlight).